Supporting us

We rely on your support

As a charity, we rely on your support to keep our services running. We are truly thankful for all of those who come together to support us.
Our services are vital to young people across the UK, and we provide those who feel unable to seek support from adults and professionals with a safe space to reach out to peers. Too many young people in the UK suffer in silence and feel there is nowhere to go.
Here at Teenage Helpline, we provide that lifeline and initial stepping stone for all of those young people to feel comfortable and come forward to get the support they need. 
Without the support of all of you, we would not be able to carry on providing these services to young people. Already, our services have proven to be a valuable resource for many young people of all backgrounds across the UK. 

Find out more below on what you can do to support us. 

Supporting us on Social Media

Supporting us does not necessarily mean donating money. There are many different ways to support us.
One way is to spread the word about Teenage Helpline and our services. A great way to do this is through social media.
Advertising can be costly, but a share on Facebook and a word of mouth recommendation is free. It doesn’t sound like much, but the impact can be massive.
Most young people now use social media, and that is the best way for us to reach out to them. By sharing a post from one of our pages, you will introduce us to more young people who can benefit from our services. 

Supporting us by donating

Another way that you can support us is by donating.
Unfortunately, running Teenage Helpline is not free, and we have opted to provide a totally free service to the young people that rely on us.
Supporting us by donating can mean many different things:

  • Making a one off donation to give us your support when you can
  • Setting up regular donation payments to provide more ongoing support
  • Taking part in a charity event, or even hosting a charity event, to raise money for our cause
  • Putting Teenage Helpline in your will

If you would like more information on how to donate to Teenage Helpline, please do reach out to us. We would be grateful for anything you can do to support us.